Employment Initiative Program

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Office: 606.327.5677


The Employment Initiative Program provides a path toward meaningful employment for people with difficult backgrounds, no work experience or those in need of new skills. EIP is a creative way to guide people who have used The Neighborhood’s stabilizing charities by providing opportunities for work and enrichment within the very organizations who helped them while they were down.

This program is often the second step — and what can be the most difficult step — of continuing stability. Falling back into old habits can be tempting if there are no positive alternatives to keep you focused. To that end, EIP provides opportunity and accountability in the form of mentorships and support systems to help make sure you have every advantage to start a new life.

Mature Worker’s Program

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Office: 304.525.5151


The mature Worker Program works with community agencies to help income-qualified participants 55 and over to find jobs, increase skills and supplement their incomes.

The Exchange

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A free, confiential, and safe needle exchange.