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The Employment Initiative Program provides a path toward meaningful employment for people with difficult backgrounds, no work experience or those in need of new skills. EIP is a creative way to guide people who have used The Neighborhood’s stabilizing charities by providing opportunities for work and enrichment within the very organizations who helped them while they were down.

This program is often the second step — and what can be the most difficult step — of continuing stability. Falling back into old habits can be tempting if there are no positive alternatives to keep you focused. To that end, EIP provides opportunity and accountability in the form of mentorships and support systems to help make sure you have every advantage to start a new life.

Due to Covid-19, many of our avenues are currently shut down or under restructuring, but our resume/application assistance and job placement program are still up and running. If you need these services, please fill out the form below or call us at 606.327.5677.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, or are interested in any of our workplace avenues once they have re-opened, please fill out the information below and indicate your interest level.

The programs

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WORK of Art (WOA) is The Neighborhood’s artistic maker space. The program focuses on business development of artistic industry, providing a space to create for artists and hobbyists with accessible business training and company set up for entrepreneurs desiring to sell their goods online or in a physical marketplace.

This contains options for jewelry creation, painting and paper art, fabric art with an associated sewing lab, 3D printing, and woodcraft with laser engraving. Once re-opened, participants can create for personal use, create for charitable causes, or build their own unique brand with mentors and guides to help them. An upcoming arts festival is planned to support WORK of Art and the Bath Ave Arts District when state restrictions on gatherings are fully lifted. We also can provide educational and unique outings for students, families and parties.

The space is located at 600 29th Street, Ashland KY 41101 in the basement of Central Baptist Church.

If you are interested in learning more, becoming an artisan, or setting up at the fair, please indicate with the contact form on this page.

The Neighborhood, in partnership with The Dressing Room, will be launching the region’s first clothing and textile recycling/reuse program.

This amazing program will give new life to clothing and fabric based donations taken in by The Dressing Room’s staff that can not be used in our region by finding unique markets and repurposing avenues. It will also provide jobs for individuals who may otherwise struggle finding employment. These jobs include (but are not limited to) textile sorting, light labor and middle management positions.

If you are interested in learning more, please indicate so using the contact form on this page.

Jobs for Life is a national, soft skills, eight-week training program whose graduates are nationally recognized by top companies worldwide.

In this program, you will receive intensive business and workplace training, have live work projects to complete and be guided by a personal mentor. Upon graduation, you will be listed on the Jobs for Life registry, and are eligible to be “head hunted” by major companies around the globe.

This program does not discriminate based on age, race, orientation, criminal background or any other unnecessary marker. The first class is slated to begin in early fall of 2021. For more information on the program itself, go to jobsforlife.org.

If you are interested in being a student or a business mentor in the Ashland class, please indicate so with the contact form on this page.

We Know IT out of Charleston, S.C., has partnered with The Neighborhood to have digital use classes in Ashland. These focus on every aspect of using a personal computer, with classes ranging from general use and understanding all the way up to learning HTML and earning a programmer’s certificate.

Over 2 million programming and IT jobs will need to be filled in the next year in America, with only 250,000 trained programmers available in the United States. Some classes are free for SNAP beneficiaries.

For more information about the classes available, go to weknowitonline.com. If you are interested in the next set of online or in-person classes, please indicate as such with the contact form on this page.

Next round of IT classes (Aug. 2020)

Our next round of IT classes through We Know IT is scheduled. If you are a SNAP beneficiary and have internet access and a computer, you can participate in these courses (a $3-5,000 dollar value) for free. When you complete the course, you can add the certification to your resume. This is for people 18 and older; no previous education required.


If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please complete the Contact Form on this page to provide us some basic information about you.

The Employment Initiative Program realizes the importance of a solid education for success in the workforce. That is why The Neighborhood has partnered with KEDC’s Skills U program to provide GED prep and testing for those who have yet to achieve high school graduation.

Currently the classes are by appointment only, so if you are interested in reaching this life milestone, please call us to set an appointment with the instructor at 606-327-5677, or indicate your interest with the contact form on this page.

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