We are like a mall of care agencies. Everything you need to get on your feet, all in one spot!

We have meals together, provide certain items for you to take home, and have case workers and volunteers who will talk with you about your needs and help you make a plan!

The first thing you do when you come to The Neighborhood is a Neighborhood Card. It is your personal ID card that is good for up to a year, and gives you access to all that The Neighborhood has to offer, both on and off campus.

Getting a Neighborhood Card is easy. Bring with you:

  • A Picture ID (if you have one, if not, we will help you get one)
  • Social Security Card (or some official document that shows your full social security number)
  • Proof of all Income/Employment Verification (whether that is a check stub, disability or social security benefits, child support…any sort of income. If you don’t have any, we can help you with that, too!)
  • Proof of SNAP benefits (we will need to see you annual letter, and there are opportunities for people who are on SNAP to go to work, get scholarships, and more!)
  • Two most recent Checking/Savings account statements (many people do not have this, and if you don’t, no worries!)

Neighborhood cards are free and good for one year from the date of issue. If you need services quickly, but do not have all the information required, you can get a temporary card that is good for one month.

We do not keep cash on the premises or give away money. If you need financial assistance with rent or a bill, it will be paid directly to the landlord or company.

If you need a meal, The Community Kitchen will serve you at the normal mealtimes. If you need food to take home, The Community Kitchen also has a food pantry that provides a once a month food box for clients who have signed up. They work with River Cities Harvest, which supplies food to the 22 other food pantries in the area and can connect you to a pantry in your community.

You can get one bag of clothing once a week from The Dressing Room. It is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. (closed Wednesday). We must limit the number of people shopping at one time to adhere to social distancing.

CAReS can help you with an overdue bill. If you need assistance in this way, we will need some information from you. Please bring with you:

  • The disconnect notice
  • 2 previous bills
  • Proof of paying other bills (rent, wifi, phone, water, etc.)
  • HUD approval letter (if applicable)

The Neighborhood is not a day center. We do not allow people to loiter during the day. If you need assistance, please make an appointment or walk in for help between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.

We do have some mentors and coaches that can assist you in filling out confusing paperwork. Call 606.327.5677 to speak with someone and set up an appointment!

If you need to volunteer to receive community service hours, we are a great place to work. Whether it is for a school, club, work, legal reasons, or just because you are a wonderful person, we can provide a place for you. Fill out the registration form for volunteers here.

If you need legal advice, we work with Legal Aid of The Bluegrass. You can find their contact information by visiting this page.

We are not a rehabilitation facility, but work with several. Go back to the Home Page, scroll down to the “Services” section and choose the “Rehab/Substance Abuse Care” to see our partners.

The Neighborhood full facility is open from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, Monday through Friday.

We can take most of your Aunt Betty’s belongings. We accept donations at The Dressing Room on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We ask that the items be clean and bug free. We do not always have space available for furniture and larger items, so please call ahead if you need to drop those. We accept bicycle donations at any point of the week.

If you are coming in for mail services, a shower, meals, or clothing, you only need a valid Neighborhood card. If you need to speak to a caseworker, get assistance with employment or housing, or anything else that might take a while, it is best to have an appointment. Walk ins are always welcome, but it can get a little crowded sometimes. Those with appointments will be taken at their appointed time, others will have to wait.

Contact Info

2516 Carter Ave.
P.O. Box 1703
Ashland, KY 41105