A cooperative approach …

Our methodology

The Neighborhood is a like a “mall” of charitable resources. The agencies, programs, and individuals who make up this multi-faceted organization coordinate services, streamline processes for individuals with needs, and share resources. By cooperating in this way, no one organization has to do everything and creative ways to solve modern problems have the ability to find their footing.

What does this really mean?

If you are in need — no matter what that need — you can find an answer at The Neighborhood. It serves as a “one-stop-shop” for information and most basic necessities. And, if The Neighborhood does not have what you are looking for, it can provide the connection to another agency that may.

If you provide a service, The Neighborhood can connect you with patrons, clients, and strategic partnerships to make your organization soar.

Each program within The Neighborhood provides a service within three categories:

  1. Stability – Basic needs to get people back on their feet (food, clothing, housing, etc.)
  2. Opportunity – Provisions for stabilized people to advance in their life (education, employment, betterment, and goal setting)
  3. Accountability – Support systems in the form of friendships, professional internships, therapy, or mentorships that give people the emotional and mental strength to push forward toward their goals.

If you would like to get involved and become a Neighborhood Partner, there are three ways to join our mission that match the goals listed above. We know that collaboration brings about innovation making us BETTER TOGETHER!

How to partner

You could become a:

  1. Foundational Partner (Stability) – Established charities or businesses with their own identity and status who would like to coordinate with or be on campus at The Neighborhood. This is how we began in 2002. With directors and leaders of various organizations putting aside their differences and working together, sharing and collaborating, to meet major human needs. If you think your organization shares The Neighborhood’s vision and mission, then you may want to become a Foundational Partner.
    Foundational Partners – CAReS, The Dressing Room, Clean Start, Ashland Community Kitchen, River Cities Harvest, Mature Worker
  2. Program Framework Partner (Opportunity) – Programs and agencies that may work within a niche realm or deal with a specific social issue who could benefit from joining an established 501C3. If you have an idea or a program that would reach a larger audience if only you had access to more resources or had a definite business structure, then talk to us about becoming a Framework Partner.
    Framework Partners – Employment Initiative Program, Textile Recycling Program, Jobs for Life
  3. Expansion Partner (Accountability) – The Neighborhood works with many strategic, outside organizations who provide one facet of care, refer and allow referrals, collaborate on grants and fundraising, or connect for one-time events or programs. This type of supportive role is intensely important, as it includes everything from employers who hire graduates of our Employment Initiative Program and venues who provide space for fundraising to annual programs for building beds and civic or church groups who volunteer on a regular basis … and so much more! If you would like your company to be one of our Expansion Partners, give us a call.

Expansion Partners

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