ASHLAND, Ky. — How many visitors does your church get a week from those who need financial assistance?

Although we are all called to serve,  to help, and to be good stewards with the money that has been entrusted to us, we all realize that the solution to poverty is more than money.

After decades of serving the needs of our community, we at The Neighborhood believe that stability, opportunity, and accountability are cornerstone components to the healthy process of fighting poverty.

What if churches could give more than money, giftcards, or groceries? What if you could connect those in need with the resources to not only help with utilities,  but also their prescriptions, medications, counseling, and even future employment?

We would love to invite our local Pastors and Faith Leaders to a spaghetti dinner on Friday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss a new program The Neighborhood is hosting for our local churches that will help us combine our efforts, provide measured and accountable outcomes and solutions that we can all celebrate as a community.

Please help us best prepare by filling out this RSVP link:

Faith Community Project

Developing a partnership in our Faith Community that connects the people struggling with poverty to proper assistance that will assist them with utilities, prescriptions, rent, and other needs while preventing duplication of services based on a proper assistance database. We also want to connect people in need with food, clothing, addiction, and employment assistance.

It has now become a lucrative career driving from local church to church asking for assistance with rent / mortgage/ utilities. Many churches have a sub-category in their budget to assist members or local neighbors , yet it can also be an uncomfortable situation to have outsiders coming in your church office asking for and expecting money.

Partnering with The Neighborhood ensures that assistance will be met via working directly with utility companies (we do not hand out money), banks, and landlords. We also keep a detailed database of those we have helped, the duration and repetition in which they’ve needed help.
We also have programs to connect them for food, clothing , employment, and even addiction treatment.

When a church supports our Faith Community Project ($50 per month) they will receive:

  • A vinyl window logo or a yard sign
  • 250 business cards that can be handed out to the person in need that lets them know that your church supports our programming and that we can take care of their needs.
  • Your church’s name/logo on our website as a Faith Community Partner